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How to block risks to get your Data ?
So once malware can get to the middle ( proxy server) its possibly to Grab user name ,passwords ….and any information coming from computer to proxy server can be grabbed if you turn your proxy server off.
So as proxy server protect you and hide your ip address once its on but once its off it can never do its job properly at all.
So what you need to never be hacked on this way :
              Proxy server
               Good Anti-viris
               Stop malware
                 All windows updates

proxy server

You need a proxy server with features : hide ip address during your internet navigation and never show your real IP.

Anti visrus

Anti virus is very important to stop any risk coming from unknown sites to get your private info such as username ..password.

Stop malware

Blocking spy eyes is what concern internet users many bad hackers enjoy spying others informations so you need to be smart and clever.

windows updates

your system s has to be updated so that which will keep all the system of your device update.whatever the system you use it needs to be updated .

These 4 elements are very important to be always safe on the internet. when you get them all set on your device : computer ,mobile ,tablet you are able really to block all risks coming from internet. Now a days users are really concerned about losing their informations from their devices ,this is huge threaten for their life.

Once you set up well these mentioned elements you can surf on the whole of the internet unblocking sites ,videos ,open Facebook in censored areas ,all what you do with no risk at all ,your Data and privacy are protected.

internet is a world we need to be safe travelling on this world. we would like to gain and win not to lose at all.

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