Unblock proxy

How to use unblock proxy?
Unblock proxy is a free proxy server ,it has the feature to unblock blocked sites and videos streaming sites too ,as it has the abaility to hide your ip address to not be exposed to any risk coming from outside your data of your device.
Using unblock proxy is quiet easy :
First step to get into the unblock proxy site by typing on any browser : unblockproxy.site
The following pictures down show clearly how using unblock proxy is easy.

The image shows the main page of unblock proxy , of course on the left side you can see sharing ( social media) and in the middle the search bar.
into the search bar you type or write the site you want to access it ,i mean you type the url of the site or the video.

of course the search bar after clicking search just once will lead you to your site or video ,the unblocking process will be atomatic through unblock proxy.site

The second picture is showing how the search bar lead you to your unblocked site ,here we have chosen YouTube ,just we typed on the search bar www.youtube.com and we reached YouTube site .

This process using proxy unblocker is valid process whatever you are on the globe.

This manuel is done for you so it would be easy now for you to use unblockproxy.site

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