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what does a proxy server do?

Proxy servers used first time  20 years ago ,when user of internet set a proxy server on his computer to be used with all kinds of browser.
Since that time proxy servers stuck around internet users till they became very important and popular now a days 2019.
Proxy server is a server has a mission to provide you a service to the internet.

How proxy server does that service ?

So your computer send request first to the proxy server later the proxy server send the same request to the internet for you. This is the kind of service offers a proxy server.
This operation and its process are the ultimate safety for all of your informations exist on your computer or whatever the device you use.
The process continue that internet send the answer to the proxy server which direct the answer to your computer.
It is actually an amazing intermidiare.

Proxy servers today are used for a very niche specific reasons.

Proxy servers are used especially for the hacking and security community because you have to connect your computer to the proxy server which hide your ip address when you change to different web sites and you are worried by these web sites tracking you or some thing simillar as you can use a squid proxy server which not many people use actually at all which has the option of caching.
Squid proxy server is used to grab updates like windows.

Does proxy server harms your computer ?

In fact you can turn on setting proxy server and that never harm your computer . But its difficult to set a proxy server by yourself because it has many boxes to check ,you can not check boxes by coinsidence but you have to understand it ,that why we advice you to keep the proxy server  on its default settings . But even if you try the setting section i twill not harm your computer just you can stop few proxy server’s features and thats not good for your computer at all and not good for your Data too.

But the very easy way if you want to stop proxy server working just check the box ( disable).
Proxy servers are good and very important but if you turn dit off it has no meaning on your computer.

The only way the proxy server can cause problems if you turne dit off ,if you are a business man ! just in this case its very dangerous to turn off the proxy server which has the mission to protect all your Data.

But the good advice is turn on always your proxy server to never get weird virus or some kind of malware who try obviously to modify your proxy settings to hack you because when you use a proxy server all your web traffic go to the proxy server which is in the middle of the process :


    Computer   - proxy server - internet

unblock proxy

The proxy server in the middle between your computer and the internet thats why once you use it you will be always protected so no direct contact between your device and the internet.

The work can be done with unblock proxy Smart free proxy server.
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